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  • Here at the Passion Zone our goal is for you to live a passion-infused life no matter if you're having a lot of great sex right now or not!

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Battle of the {Oral} Sexes

This is an entry about: 1. The magic that’s happened now that I’m clear on what I want in a partner and in bed (it can happen for you, too! Make sure to see my offer at the bottom!!) 2. Flirting is great foreplay 3. A little competition can add a lot of spice and […]

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Attracting Your Best Partner and Ideal Relationship

Last episode, we talked a about casual sex and touched a little on the importance of how to attract the right partner.  Tonight I wanted to delve a little deeper into figuring out who is gonna be the perfect fit for you as well as going into the design of your ideal relationship. First things […]

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Casual Sex, Worksheets, and The Law of Attraction

We talked about the importance of knowing what kind of sex life you desire a couple of episodes ago.  I hope that you really delved into that because I recently had a very amazing experience based on my own work around my ideal sex life.  Would you like to hear about my miracle-turned-epic-fail? So a […]

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